Site support and issues

Hello everyone! I’m here to discuss some updates and issue that you might have encountered when using our Store and Portfolio sites.

Have you tried visiting our website at and If you have, then great. If not, you better click those links and register, stat!

Anyway, I am Syamsudin. I am in charge with keeping the system happy and ultimately, YOU, as the user of our site happy. You might have met me at the VAX2015 handing you a flyer and explaining through the site. I will be taking in all the support request or issue that affects you, as our precious user, when using the system and forwards it to the team. All is not lost when you staring at a blank page and getting confused with what’s happening (we’re working on that, sorry). We appreciates it if you can at least ping us at twitter/facebook and lodge us a report on what problem you’re encountering. We also open to suggestions and feedback.

And for the first update, this is what we have so far:

Blank Page Issue

Well, our blank page should now at least returned some helpful info for you. Both of our site’s error pages will guide you on what to do in case of errors (yes, that blank page means you have encountered an error). We have decided to focus all of our support issue here for the time being. So included in the error page is the link to our support blog category or you can just visit

Error at editing profile for Portfolio

You might have encountered this on adding social link, but not completely fill it up with required details. When saving you will be staring at the blank page. If you are using Safari, chances are you will be encountering this behaviour. This is however have been fixed.

Your product page displays a bank page instead after editing in Store

You might encountered this if you, as an artist have try to update your artwork’s product before yesterday’s evening (around 5pm when we pushed the update). Upon browsing the product after that, you will be staring at a blank page. Or you, as a visitor, try to browse an artist artwork and click the relevant product, will be staring at the blank page also. This just means the artist have updated the artwork before we pushed our fix. If you are an artist, you can fixed this by editing the product and press the ‘Save Changes’ button. For users that are encountering this, you would want to wait for your artist to press the button first. Or just report it to us.

Plus other small bugfixes and changes.

We won’t stop here though. We will update you more regarding any issues, but we appreciated if you can ping us of any errors or problem you encountered too. As of now, you can tweet us at @creativeutdmy, leave a comment at our facebook page or here, or straight away email us at

Thanks and please look forward to it.