How to Create Upload-Ready Files Using Canva

Follow the steps below to prepare your artwork files for upload on Creative United.

01. Register at is a free online graphic editor and very easy to use. Register for free trial and you are ready to go.

02. Choose ‘Custom Size’

Login to and click on the ‘Custom Size’ button to start create your blank canvas. All Creative United products require a specific size to upload. Below are the list of size dimensions (Width & Height) required:

Tote Bag : 3500(W) X 3500(H) px

Pillow : 3500(W) X 3500(H) px

Sling Bag : 4000(W) X 3000(H) px    

Pouch Bag : 4000(W) X 3000(H) px

Mug : 4600(W) X 2000(H) px

Pencil Case : 2250(W) X 1375(H) px    

Drawstring Bag : 3000(W) X 4000(H) px

T-Shirt : 3000(W) X 4000(H) px (PNG Transparent)

In this tutorial, we will create a tote bag file. Type 3500 x 3500 px (pixels) in the Width and Height column. Next, click the ‘Create new design’ button.

03. Upload your artwork file

After the blank canvas is created, you can start uploading your artwork files. Select ‘Upload Media’ or ‘Device’ to upload from your devices or PC folders. Once uploaded, drag the artwork thumbnail from the left column to the blank white canvas to start editing.

It is recommended to upload the raw artwork files from your PC or Mobile Photo Gallery and avoid using Instagram/Facebook. Files from Instagram or Facebook have gone through compression and the quality is poor for printing.

03. Edit your artwork file

You can now edit your artwork files. Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation if necessary.

04. Download the file

After you have finished edit your artwork, click the ‘Download’ button and choose JPG from the selection. If you have Canva Pro account set the maximum quality else 80% quality is suffice.

05. Upload the file on Creative Untied

Now you can upload the downloaded artwork file at ‘Add New Artwork’ page using your artist account. Set the profit and Done! Prepare for other sizes for all products and upload within the same artwork page.

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