Tutorial – Prepare Your Image Using Canva

Tutorial – Prepare Your Image Using Canva

There are many ways and many different image editing programs that allow you to edit your artworks. One of our favourite other than Adobe Photoshop is Canva, an online image editing suite that is very easy to use. Head up to www.canva.com to start.

This tutorial will teach you to prepare artworks to be uploaded at Creative United rapid product creation system. Here it goes.

  1. Login to www.canva.com. You can use your Facebook account for faster access.
  2. Click ‘Use custom dimensions‘ button. 
  3. Each product requires a specific size for upload at Creative United:
    1. Cover image: Any size between 500px – 800px either height or width. Depends your artwork dimension.
    2. Artprint / Canvas / Poster: Use this fixed size for all three products and easy upload,
      4250(W) X 6000(H) px – Portrait
      or 6000(W) X 4250(H) px – Landscape
      or 5000(W) X 5000(H) px – Square
    3. Totebag / Pillow: 3500px X 3500px
    4. Sling Bag:
      3000(W) X 4000(H) px – Portrait
      or 4000(W) X 3000(H) px – Landscape
    5. Pouch Bag: 4000(W) X 3000(H) px – Landscape
    6. Mug: 4600(W) X 2000(H) px
    7. Pencil Case: 2250(W) X 1375(H) px
    8. Drawstring Bag: 3000(W) X 4000(H) px
    9. T-Shirt: 3000(W) X 4000(H) px (Export as PNG)
  4. For this tutorial, we set to 3500 X 3500 px(pixels). This size is for totebag and throw pillow. Step 2
  5. Click on the first layout. You are now ready to upload your artwork!
    Step 3

  6. Click the ‘Uploads’ button and browse your artwork file.
    Step 4

  7. Click your image to load it to your blank canvas. Right click at the image to use the features available like adjusting the brightness, contrast and other filters to get the best final image file for your products.*Illustration by Sara Rhianna
  8. Now, you are ready to export your image. Click the ‘Download‘ button and choose JPG. If you are preparing artwork for T-Shirt, choose PNG.
    Step 5

  9. Save it to your PC and you can now upload it at Creative United platform!
    Step 6
  10. Have fun!

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