On Decor Canvas products

Hello everyone!

If you encountered any error previously trying to add a Decor Canvas product, this entry might be of interests to you.

First, it felt like a long time we haven’t write any entries on our Dev side of things since we’re busy with a lots of things. More on that later in another entry, but this time we would like to notify artists which have problems with our Decor Canvas products.

Just a few hours ago, someone reported a problem when they wanted to add a new artwork. On further investigation, this involves product created for Decor Canvas (Square). If you ever uploaded a square artwork for Decor Canvas, you’ll probably encountered this bug. Either you can’t add any new artworks or the product won’t appear on the site.

Fortunately we have fixed this and adding a product for Decor Canvas with a square artwork should give you no trouble now. But if it still does for you, please report it to us via twitter/email or in our facebook pages. Your feedback is valuable to us and to our artists and users. Thanks! \o/