Ipay payments and portfolio tags

Another day, another update! We have now made Ipay payments available again in our store and some updates for Portfolio.So yesterday few peoples reported that our payments via Ipay for Store is not working as intended (thanks a lot for notifying us!). Since most companies are closed yesterday, including the payment processor, Ipay88 themselves, we have no choice but to disable it for the whole day. So you have bought something in our Store via Ipay before we disabled it? Our representative will try to contact you to resolve the issue.

But as of now, the payment option is back up online and you should be able to make payments via Ipay now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused ya! And another fix for Store, the template for pillow and tote bag should now sized correctly. You can download the template again to get the now fixed version.

Onto the Portfolio side of things, we fixed some stuff up regarding project tags. Some users are having trouble adding tags to their project previously and so we did some changes to the way tags are added and modified. As such, it effects existing tags which some of you probably noticed if you add it before. It now will not accept spaces and only letters, numbers and underscore are accepted. We follow along the line of hashtags as users are more familiar with it rather than the usual tagging. It should be more easier on the user now, but if it’s still giving you guys trouble, please send some feedback over okay?

That’s all for now, but rest assured we are continuously improving on the overall experience. We already have our lists of improvements and important changes to be implemented along the way, but if you have any suggestions and ideas, or even bugs and issues to report, please do so at your most convenient channels. We are available at our Facebook page, Twitter, this blog here and of course through email at support@creativeunited.my